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Vegan friendly

Gluten free options

RAW delights

Fresh baked breads


Cooking Lessons

Made with LOVE


Food with flare , made with care

FOOD! It is one of the main ingredients in any amazing holiday and at The Shala Bali eating well does not mean deprivation. We believe in putting the joy and taste into healthy food. Every dish on our menu has been created with flare & care to NOURISH & SATISFY.


>> Imagine - Organic spelt, sourdough & gluten free breads BAKED IN HOUSE with home made condiments - think Pineapple Vanilla Bean Jam! & creamy nut butters.


>> Fermented products for a healthy tummy?? YES! We make our own Kombucha in different fruity flavours and our own natural yogurt or vegan coconut yogurt. 


>> Your retreat your menu! - Choose from our eclectic menu of sweet and savory dishes from around the world and enjoy the foods you like the most during your week with us. 


>> delicious >> healing >> kind to the earth  


As a place of Yoga and healing, we serve food that not only supports your body to thrive but is also supportive to the earth. We pride ourselves on creating plant based dishes that are as good if not better than their original! Good for the body, the environment and the animals - 

good for the soul.





Cook with us

We are waiting to share our secrets with you 

Come and learn some of the most loved recipes of The Shala Bali kitchen. We offer both traditional Indonesian cooking lessons and vegan | raw dishes. Get your apron on and join us for a hands on class followed by a special meal together to enjoy the fruits of your labour. 

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