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The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences. Take a small piece of Bali home with you..

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Sacred Mala Making

Design a unique sacred Mala necklace to take home with you. Choose beads based on their healing attributes to inspire you on your journey.


Raw Dessert Making

Live healthy desserts to sweeten your tooth and your spirit..


Natural skin care making

Wondering how we make our lush skin care? We will share the recipes for some of our favorite natural products you can encounter at our nature spa Darshana Veda.


Chocolate eating.jpg

Chocolate Making

Most of us crave a sweet treat.. learn to make guilt free, antioxidant packed, scrumptious chocolate 


Balinese Offering Making

The beauty of Bali would not be the same without these little colorful baskets of devotion scattered throughout the temples, businesses and homes. Learn the meaning and


Vegetarian Balinese Cooking 

From garden to table, you'll learn how to turn fresh local produce into a delicious three course meal.

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Ayurvedic Cooking 

Learn our favorite tridoshic recipes from our Vedic Kitchen, to balance and nourish your belly-mind! COMING SOON

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