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Why choose us?!  The founders of The Shala Bali have a combined experience of over 70 years in the wellness industry. World renowned Yoga teachers and body workers who have devoted their lives to living with awareness and health. Based on these values they have created this wonderful place for others to come and enjoy an environment that supports relaxation, abundant health and connection with nature. 


Why Ubud? Ubud is a hub for culture, arts and wellness. It has the widest range of body treatments and diversity of food, including vegetarian, vegan and raw food options available in Bali. It is the perfect place to explore healing modalities and the essence of Balinese culture.


Where is The Shala Bali? We are situated a straight forward 1.5 hour drive from the international airport of Bali and a 30 minute drive from the closest beach for surfing and swimming. The Shala Bali is walking distance to Ubud town center and perfectly situated amongst the peace and quiet of the rice fields.


What can I find near by to The Shala Bali? Right on our door step we have a number of well known restaurants and massage treatments. More shops, cafes, restaurants and massage and beauty treatments are only a 20 minute walk away in Ubud town centre. 


What food is served at The Shala Bali restaurant? We have a changing menu of delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes from around the world and traditional Balinese dishes. We can cater for different dietary requirements such as gluten free and other allergies. 


Why vegetarian?  What guests choose to include in their regular diets bears no judgment from us, however we believe plant based diets benefit the environment, the animals and also our own health and we encourage guests to share this way of eating while they are staying with us. For this reason we do not allow meat / seafood to be cooked or consumed in the restaurant. There are copious restaurants near by serving traditional meat dishes. 


Getting around Ubud? Taxis are very readily available, private cars can be easily organized and scooters can be hired for a small cost. To hire a scooter the guest must have an international drivers licence.


How do I get there from the Airport? Taxis are available from the airport and are safe and reasonably priced. The Shala Bali can also arrange a private pick up from the airport or any other location in Bali. The average cost from the airport to our door step is INR 300,000 (approx $30 USD)


Which airport do I fly into? Denpasar airport is the only international airport in Bali. It is called Ngura Rai International Airport. 


What about visas? Visitors from most countries can obtain a Visa On Arrival in Bali. This visa is valid for 30 days. Please check the specific regulations for your own country before coming. If you overstay your visa you will be charged at approx $30 USD per day from the expiry of the visa. This must be paid in Indonesian Ruphia as you enter customs. 


Taxes to enter and leave Bali? There are no longer taxes to enter or leave Bali for mosy countries. 


Do I have to bring over USD or local currency? It is not necessary to bring over large amounts of cash. There are many ATM machines for withdrawing money and exchange centers for acquiring the local currency - Indonesian Rupiah. NOTE it is beneficial to change money on arrival to Bali than in your own country before leaving. 


Bali belly? It is widely known that travelers can experience an upset stomach when visiting developing countries such as Bali. Normally the symptoms pass within a couple of days. To increase your chances of avoiding "Bali Belly" NEVER drink the tap water, stick to bottled water and ask for no ice in drinks. Eat from popular eateries where other tourists are eating. Eat hot cooked food. Wash all fruits in bottled water. Wash your hands frequently. 


Vaccinations? In general we do not consider vaccinations necessary. Although it is gradually being eradicated, a number of monkeys and dogs do still carry rabies. Consult your Doctor when you are considering travel to Bali for up to date recommendations on vaccinations.


Safety? As in any foreign country it is advised to maintain a higher level of vigilance. Drive by bag snatching does occur to both foreigners and Balinese locals. Hold your hand bag securely when walking along the road and don't leave belongings unattended. There are safes in each room at The Shala Bali for your peace of mind.

















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