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Drink a lot of water when you are in tropical Balli

You will lose a lot from your body through sweating and advice is that should drink at least 2 litres of water each day in addition to other drinks that you may have.

Make sure your urine doesn't get darker than a very pale yellow colour. If it is, drink more water.

Be careful to drink clean water. Don't drink tap water unless it has been boiled first or properly filtered.

Bottled water is available everywhere and is cheap and safe to drink. It's sold in various bottle sizes up to around 2 litres. You can also buy large flagons known as “galon”s that contain 19 litres.

Ice is usually ok as it is quality-controlled by the local government.

Keep a ready supply of water handy as the weather in Bali is usually hot and sunny and heatstroke can occur if you go without water too long. A reusable container is best as plastic waste is a big problem.

Wash your hands in tap water or use a hand sanatiser before eating. Some people use bottled water when cleaning their teeth but not everyone considers that necessary.

Bali is quite clean compared with some other places in this part of the world. Restaurants who normally serve foreigners sell correctly washed safe to eat fruit salads and other salads. If you buy fruit from stalls or markets buy the type that has skin you can remove.

Don't swim in the sea or rivers if the water looks dirty.

Avoid going in the water if you have ear, eye, or throat infections. If you have any skin infections or open cuts it is best to wait till they heal before you go in the sea.

And speaking of swimming in the sea, don’t swim from beaches where there are red flags.

Parts of Bali’s coastline, mostly the southwest part extending from Kuta to Canggu, have dangerous rip tides and undertows that can trap the inexperienced. At certain times of the day and year, red flags are erected on dangerous beaches. You should swim only between red and yellow flags where lifeguards are present.

These are tropical waters and there are sea creatures out there but usually far from any human activity. If you are diving you might see some reef sharks and but usually they are more scared of you than you are of them. Remember, always dive with a buddy.

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