What is in a logo?

It took us two years to decide on our business logo - we know it's long. It was important for us to create something which represented the feeling and intention of The Shala Bali. There is more to a logo than meets the eye! The colour, the layout, the graphic, all elements come together to tell the hidden story of the business. It becomes your most recognised symbol and clearly we took this seriously. Two years later, et voila, our story emerged.

The colours

Turquoise - a calming, peaceful colour associated with balance, healthy living and social responsibility.

Teal / green representing nature, growth, renewal, healing and also spiritual development.

Grey - a colour which conjures feeling of security, stability and strength of character, although as you read on, the choosing of our 3 grey lines goes even deeper than this!

The graphics

The Bodhi Leaf - the symbol of awakening, stemming from the word Buddha, meaning the awakened one. The Bodhi tree is sacred in many Eastern countries as the tree under which Buddha sat and attained enlightenment. Our Bodhi leaf is a continual reminder of living consciously and compassionately and our ultimate intention of self realisation.

The Tripundra - "the three ash lines" or the "lines of Shiva", the famous Hindu God known as the first Yogi, often depicted sitting in lotus. The Tripundra denotes his three fold powers of will, knowledge and action in attaining Moksha or liberation / freedom. The lines are representative of many powerful 3's, a familiar one to most people being the three OM's. Applied with ash (hence the colour grey), the lines remind us of the temporary nature of the physical body and the importance of our spiritual pursuits.

Surrounded by nature The Shala Bali is as the colours stand for - serene, relaxing and healing. It is the perfect place to rebalance, renew your health and focus your intentions. The number of 3 was significant to us not only for the spiritual values it holds but the harmonising of three founders who have all devoted their lives to the path of Yoga and wellness, and their coming together to create a sanctuary for others to experience this way of living.

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