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Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud

Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud

Morning Bliss at Campuhan ridge walk

Also known as bukit cinta (hill of love)

Busiest time according to statistic is around midnight on Saturday but the nicest time is just after dawn. The air is cool then. There are not many people around. At 200m plus above sea-level Ubud is cooler than down near the coast and this walk along the Campuhan ridge is open to the breezes and at dawn it is rarely warmer than 23C. Early mid-afternoon it warms up to around 30C then cools later if you have timed your walk to watch the sunset. Sunset brings romantic couples enjoying a romantic time together up on bukit cinta.

Peaceful ambiance

The walk starts from near the temple Pura Gunung Lebah, known as the oldest temple in Ubud, beautifully located below the famous Ubud bridges and worth exploring so put it on your

Morning meditation

next-time list and continue up the paved path until you are in the open area above Ubud. The ridge looks down to small rivers on both sides that are difficult to see through the jungle. But the jungle itself is just breathtaking. You may be fortunate to see Gunung Agung, the tallest volcano in Bali, if there are no clouds.

glimpse Peak of Mount Agung

Some people wear thongs or flip flops for the walk but you might like to wear trainers, sneakers or light walking shoes. Take a hat and/or sunscreen if you are sensitive to the sun. A bottle of water is a good.

Here is a website that gives you all the details you need to get to the to Campuhan ridge

Farmer cutting the grass

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