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Tri Hita Karana

Tri Hita Karana is the Balinese philosophy of life where prosperity is brought about through a person's harmonious relationships with God ( Parahyangan), their environmental surroundings (Palemahan) and the human community (Pawongan).

Tri – Three

Hita – Prosperity

Karana – causes, wisdoms, factors, concepts

A harmonious lifestyle and happiness is achieved through the strategy of taking ownership and responsibility to balance these 3 major wisdoms affecting relationships, environment and community.

Parahyangan is the wisdom of harmony of the human life with God. This is where each individual believes that they are part of God and God is inside them. It is hoped that people will be able to to control their minds and emotions towards their spiritual life on earth where they remember that humans are part of the Mother Universe. The power of God is symbolised by the Pura (temple). Statues in the Pura serve as the media to focus on wisdoms of the universe. Balinese believe that there is only one God and that God has limitless wisdom.

Palemahan is the wisdom representing the harmony of life between humans and their natural surroundings. This is achieved through humans knowing that they are part of Mother Nature and remembering that they live and breathe on this planet and that all good things that they enjoy have been supported unconditionally by the earth. They must remember that if they continually take every part of nature without giving back, it will be drained and affect their life in future.

Pawongan is the wisdom representing the harmonious relationship among human beings, as the essence of humans is as social creatures. This wisdom directs people to believe that they all are one. If they hurt someone they are hurting themselves. It requires appreciation of humanity, valuing mutual respect and human rights.

Harmony among these 3 elements is believed to generate maximum benefit for spiritual, mental and physical well-being of human beings. Application of the consistent philosophy of Tri Hita Karana will make for a harmonious human being whose devotion to God, love for the environment and harmony and peace with others will be achieved.

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