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Weather in Ubud

Sunny Day

Not far from the equator the tropical island of Bali enjoys sea breezes around the coast making days pleasant and cooler temperatures in the elevated inland areas.

The Shala Bali is about 30km from the coast and at 250 metres (820 feet) above sea level, 50 metres higher and a little cooler than Ubud. It gets hot in the middle of the day but there is often a refreshing breeze. Maximum temperatures vary according to the time of the year. The wet season from November to June is the warmest at 31C maximum cooling to 23C at night. December, January and February are rainiest. But showers are mostly short and heavy resulting in fresh cool air afterwards.

The dry season is from July to October with hottest temperatures around 29C in early afternoon cooling to 22C at night. Average humidity is about 80% throughout the year.

Daylight hours don't vary much throughout the year, getting light about 6am and dark about 6.30pm. Temperatures are coolest from early evening till mid morning. So Balinese do their most intensive activities from dawn through to about 11am then relax during the middle of the day and start moving again about 4 or 5pm.

Smart visitors copy the locals.

Some years Indonesia can also be affected by the El Nino effect that can cause the wet season to start later and the dry season to be more intense.

We think that Shala Bali has the best weather as it is located on an airy ridge above the town of Ubud surrounded by rice paddies bordered by mature coconut palms and more than 200 metres away from any traffic.

Small streams flow throughout the area and some are diverted to irrigate the rice paddies. There is a fresh almost untouched atmosphere with few visitors other than rice farmers and plenty of bird life.

sun down on cloudy day


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