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Capricorn Solar Eclipse

Our first 2019 directives from the universe to enter and operate from the Miracle Zone come from steady and disciplined Capricorn. The new year greets us with a Capricorn solar eclipse new moon, which has a realistic, sobering, yet inspiring tone. Practical themes dominate. Realism gains a strong footing, giving weight to anchor in responsibility and common sense. We are required to deal with limits, set boundaries, respect the constraints of physical reality, and honor the choices of others. The more we do so, the easier it will be to focus on our destiny path and climb our life mountain.

This eclipse comes with the idealistic interaction of Neptune in Pisces providing us with healing and inspiration. Working with the planets in Capricorn, we are encouraged to bring vision into form. Earth sign Capricorn teaches us that all manifestation and resources come from Mother Earth. The Ace card from stoic Capricorn is a powerful emotional drive that fuels our desire to succeed in the world and our ability to initiate and take action.

January 5-6 – Capricorn Solar Eclipse New Moon

5:28 PM PST (1:28 GMT) at 15 degrees Capricorn

A solar eclipse happens only every 6 months at a new moon, when the shadow cast by the moon fully or partially blocks the Sun. This happens when the Sun, Moon, and Earth are aligned or nearly aligned in a straight line. The Moon interrupts the flow of solar radiation, disrupting existing energetic matrices, which facilitates a reconfiguration in our consciousness.

Eclipses amplify the effects of the new moon (or full moon with a lunar eclipse). This is a partial eclipse, but still very intense and impactful. If you have been waiting to take action, now is the time.

In addition to the Sun and Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node are all in Capricorn. The concentration of celestial bodies in one sign is called a stellium. We can’t ignore the energies of a stellium, and we don’t want to.

Eclipses and the Nodes

Eclipses occur in relationship to the Lunar Nodes. The North Node points us towards the future and challenges us to evolve in ways relative to that sign. Now in Cancer we are drawn to focus on our relationship to our feelings, emotions, the feminine, Mother Earth, food, and family.

The South Node now in Capricorn signifies our past and what we must leave behind, especially our entrenched patterns, wounds, and misperceptions. The South Node in Capricorn brings up old behavior patterns, which we must look at and release to climb our personal Capricorn mountain.

The shadow side of Capricorn includes the misuse of all forms of power and control — manipulation, greed, abuse, domination, and authoritarianism. The selfish ego side of Capricorn is driven by power and status and strives to dominate and win at any cost. But we are always at choice — power, authority, and influence can be wielded with either good and malefic intentions.

The dark side of Capricorn also manifests and as victim-hood and personal disempowerment, abdicating our power and projecting powerlessness. We seriously limit our choices by negative attitudes and letting ourselves be overly influenced by what others think and want from us.

The Capricorn mountain goat develops discipline, patience, and determination by dedicating its life to climbing its own mountain. We ascend up our mountain as we discover and focus on delivering what our soul came to offer to the world. We each determine our own view of success, which comes from achieving our own sovereignty.

Saturn, Pluto, and Capricorn Play the Long Game

Saturn, Pluto, and Capricorn all play a long game, for which we need to develop patience, persistence, and the ability to deal with painful feelings. There are no free lunches in their territory.

Saturn is in Capricorn from 19 December 2017 to 16 December 2020. Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 to 2024. Together they compel us to release the shadow side of Capricorn and become responsible, conscious co-creators of our lives.

Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) is the planet of rules, limits, boundaries, and consequences. Saturn, strong in its home sign, teaches us that when we follow some basic rules and persist with self-honesty there is a sense of rightness that is very rewarding. Almost anything negative can be turned around when we wisely use the energies of this potent solar eclipse.

Pluto is our deep psychologist, making us aware of what we try to avoid or deny — obsessions, hidden agendas, and power issues. Both Saturn and Pluto are heavy and dominating energies that apply pressure on our sensitive emotions. We may feel overwhelmed by trying to deal with complex issues that don’t give us straightforward answers for simple resolution.

In Pluto territory, there is no wiggle room for superficiality. Pluto reminds us that we can’t find lasting solutions on the surface. Pluto probes to the core.

Capricorn teaches us to stand tall and gives us the endurance to keep going. Remember we are climbing a mountain, not taking a casual walk. Self-, mastery is the touchstone and the goal that we must keep in mind in dealing with our life challenges. Our tests, whether they are related to work, relationships, finances, or heath, are not designed to annoy us (although they often do). It is how we deal with our life issues that chisels our unformed and immature character into a diamond.

We can take advantage of the laser-like focus of the Capricorn stellium to evaluate and reorient our current situation. We take another step upward with hard work, dedication, and our spiritual practice.

Commitment to our goals and the ability to stay on our path, even when we don’t feel like it, requires breaking old habits, giving up comfortable routines, and weaning ourselves off of addictive behaviors and substances. Our sense of victory is registered in an improvement in our overall well-being, attitude, and health. Fortunately our growth and maturation process has an built-in sense of satisfaction. We are supported and carried through to our next phase.

Karma and Dharma

The Capricorn stellium brings our attention to karma and dharma. We create karma through our interaction with the cosmic law of cause and effect. We are obliged to clean up the effects of what we have caused. And we get gifts from our right actions. To live in the realm of dharma (and create good karma), we have to develop greater levels of maturity, honesty, and integrity so that we can live according to cosmic laws.

To transition from negative and past karma to dharma, we must relinquish an attitude of victim-hood, where we view our human life as punishment, unfair, or bad luck. We must be in the game of life with an attitude of challenge, willingness to grow, and eagerness to serve.

Inner Reflection at the New Moon Eclipse

This powerful new moon eclipse inspires us to reflect on both 2018 and 2019.

What did I accomplish and learn in 2018? Be grateful.

How can I redefine and restructure my approach to life in 2019? Dare to be innovative.

How do I want to feel about myself and what I am doing in 2019? Include self-appreciation.

What do I want to create and experience in 2019 that gives me deep satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and a position of self authority? Follow your heart.

How can I better take care of myself and make my goals a reality? Treat yourself as very special.

Be careful not to find reasons (from the past) why something won’t work before you have tried it. Excuses are fear talking because the mind doesn’t like uncertainty. Live and choose from the present, not the past.

Dealing with Our Emotions

Avoid distractions, but do not engage in denial. Do not let emotional disturbances undermine the stability in your neutral mind. Accept that there are always emotional challenges and mental confusion in challenging times for all of us. You are not alone.

Emotional upsets make for a roller-coaster ride. Uncertainty can devolve into frustration and then overwhelm. Disempowering thoughts can make us defensive and lead us to seek security outside ourselves in unproductive ways. Old control habits are hard to break if we hold on to the beliefs that created and sustain them. Beliefs attach in our mind and can be released when we connect in our body.

Give yourself time to feel and relax in your body, and wait for guidance. While you are waiting, learn to be present to and allow emotional tension in your body so that it can be embodied and not dissipated in mental stories. Breathing into your gut creates a more solid embodied presence for your endeavors to unfold at the right time in the best way.

Emotional burdens are heavy baggage. When we are able to drop old resentments, sabotaging beliefs, disappointments, etc., we become more physically buoyant, mentally unfettered, and emotionally resilient. Above all we become more confident in ourselves and our life.

A Crossroads and Opening

Each new moon accompanied by an eclipse is a decisive crossroad. In Capricorn we need to apply insights in concrete ways. To take advantage of the opening, we must be available to discover and pursue new options. This is a time for realistic, yet open ended, goal setting.

Dare to redefine your goals and how you will go about achieving them. What worked in the past may not be the best formula for what will succeed in the future. Make sure that others’ opinions do not control you as they used to. This is your game and your life. Awakening is about learning how to navigate our own lives. Ferret out inspiration and optimism from Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Keep your goals doable. Don’t complicate things with too many ideas. Spell out concrete steps that you can start implementing now.

January 6 — Uranus Stations Direct 28 Degrees Aries

Uranus turns direct January 6, ending its retrograde period which began on 7 August 2018. When a planet turns direct, its influence is amplified. Instead of being cautious, the yellow light turns green giving us a signal to move forward. Uranus wants us to do something innovative and free ourselves from the same old routines and our stale comfort zone. It is time to think out of the box and to explore new adventures.

Resist what you have been taught that you ‘ought’ to do and choose what feels right to you. With Uranus it is hard to know what to expect, so release expectations and be open to surprises. They may happen only in your mind, but a shift in how we think is the basis for how we operate in the world.

Starting January 9 Jupiter and Uranus interact in a subtle way to give us courage to take a leap of faith and the capacity to awaken to truths that spark a turning point in our lives.

January 6 – April 10 – Active and Open Time

Between January 6 through March 5 when no planets are retrograde, our drive to take big steps forward will be strong. Don’t talk yourself out of what you want and need to do. Do it!

Mercury is retrograde from March 5 through March 27, giving us 3 weeks to evaluate our progress, where we are going, and how we are doing.

Then from March 28 through April 9 there is another short active and open time until Jupiter goes retrograde April 10 through August 10. During these 4 months we may feel like there is less wind in our sails. But we can hone in on what needs to be done and get a lot accomplished.

January 7 — Venus enters Sagittarius

When Venus enters Sagittarius, we experience a welcome change that gives buoyancy to our spirit. Because of its retrograde period, Venus journeyed deep into Scorpio territory for about 3 months — from September 9 through October 30, 2018 and from December 2 through January 6.

January 11 and 13

Be attentive on January 11, when the Sun makes its yearly conjunction with Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn, and on January 13, when Mercury conjuncts Saturn at 13 degrees Capricorn. You may receive insights on where and what to commit to and how to more clearly define the parameters of your future projects.

January 13 — Jupiter forms the first of three squares with Neptune in 2019

Our capacity to experience our oneness with the infinite can be heightened, but so can our propensity for illusion and escapism. As we witness our interconnectedness with all life, it will be easier to let go of old ways of viewing ourselves and the world and step into a vaster arena of self-knowing and life purpose.

The collaboration of Jupiter and Neptune awakens our perceptive capacities, opens our heart, and helps us tune into our inner knowing and our higher self. We can take advantage of the gifts from this duo with silent time, meditation, contemplation, and mindfulness.

The Leo Full Moon lunar eclipse coming up January 20 is the subject of my next blog.

It is already a great New Year!

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