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Volcano news

If you plan to come to Ubud at this time you are probably aware that one of the volcanoes on the island has been showing some activity since September 2017. For people who live here in Ubud and for the most of the rest of Bali, except for the area within 12km of the volcano, there has been no noticeable effect other than regular news items and a reduction in numbers of visitors. Even if the volcano does erupt the only effect on Ubud may be some dust settling across the area as we are over 30km away from the volcano that is in the East of the island.

Indonesian vulcanologists are highly regarded by their fellow professionals all over the world and their is advice is often sought by other countries. Their monitoring equipment is the most up to date and their knowledge is very current.

The government provides impressive serious support to the scientists and to the tourist industry. They are cautious and realistic as this is such an important area. Indonesia has many volcanoes located on a number of islands and has gained much experience over the years.

The main effect on tourists is likely to be flight delays due to dust in the atmosphere. All airlines are extremely careful to avoid any danger and will not fly if there is the least doubt about safety or damage to their aircraft.

There is constant information provided for anybody likely to be affected. Arrangements have been made for transport by land or sea to alternative airports in Indonesia should it be necessary. These alternative airports have been prepared for such occasions.

Other than that life goes on as usual in our island paradise.

Some considerations that you should take into account before you come could include bringing extra cash or an ATM card to cover potential extra costs for a longer stay (best option ;-). Accommodation and local travel costs here are mostly lower than other countries.

If your schedule is tight you may be advised to be flexible regarding your return dates.

You should obtain advice from your travel agent or airline regarding the insurance situation if your flight is delayed, or if you would have to leave from a different airport.

Similarly you should consider the visa duration required. Visitors from most countries can obtain a free visa for 30 days on arrival. There are other alternatives.

Please visit to obtain specific details including obtaining longer term visas.

The airport has been closed occasionally over the last month and people whose flights are postponed have been told that they can have their visa extended provided that they get a letter from their airline. More about that on the above website.

It is also worth considering coming here to take advantage of reduced prices at this time. All facilities are still operating as normal but there are no queues or crowds so it is a fantastic time to enjoy Bali.

You will meet more locals and be able to get into fabulous restaurants without booking. Bali is more relaxed at this time.

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